1. MNQ 054 Void Vision - Sub Rosa LP | Mannequin

    Beautiful, cold, dark synth wave. Just go listen to it.

  2. P-MODEL - 2D or Not 2D (Live)

  3. El Aviador Dro - Selector De Frecuencias (12” Version)

    Beautiful and sad synthpop from Spain

  4. DEVO - The Men Who Make The Music (Prototype Version)

    Now that DEVO’s first home video release is on DVD, here is the precursor: From 1977 (or thereabouts), the Prototype to The Men Who Make the Music.

    Highlights include:

    • A Performance of Huboon Stomp
    • Bob 2 in a Monkey Mask
    • More General Boy
    • A buttload of costume changes (Yellow Suits, Gurhka Shorts, and the Blue Jumpsuits)
    • Bob 1 talking about throwing TV sets out windows and crashing cars
    • Booji Boy doing “The Words Get Stuck in my Throat”

    The video quality is… not great… but as a historical document of De-Evolution at work, it’s essential viewing.

    Duty Now for the Future.

  5. "Let’s go places and eat things."

    Barnes & Barnes - Party in my Pants